Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Spring Summer Fall

It’s a big season.

Every three months, Milwaukee, Wisconsin hosts Gallery Night, in which a whole bunch of galleries, bars, and other excuses for arts venues open their doors, walls, and floors to artists of all scopes. This April 16, Bad Soviet Habits is producing Motionary Comics, in which approximately 24 artists will create a mural-sized comic strip in real time over the course of the evening. We have a common story beginning and we have a common location, but beyond that, it’s a bit of improvisation, with every artist having to react and respond to what everyone else is doing. Think of it as visual jazz. Mark your calendars and come on down to the Moct Bar anytime after 5pm.

A mere three weeks later, playing for three Thursdays in May (the 6th, 13th, and 20th), is the premiere of a new adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov‘s classic Soviet satire, The Heart of a Dog. We’ve done some updating for the 21st century set, so while the story is relatively faithful, the themes are not. Although we did try our best to keep the pointed humor. The writer-performers are Andy North and Kurt Hartwig, and the reason we’re only performing three times is that we’re taking off for the Prague Fringe Festival the following week, and playing nine show in a row before coming back to the States on June 8. We’ll have two months off, then it’s back to rehearsal to gear up for the Minnesota Fringe Festival. If things go well, we’ll do another short run in Milwaukee.

Fall is the time to start working on new projects, and Bad Soviet Habits are no different. In this case, it’s a puppet-and-actor version of Euripedes’ Medea, slated for performance in May 2011. To say that there’s a lot to do on this is an understatement.

In the meantime, check out The Heart of a Dog on Kickstarter and help us get to Prague!


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