Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Meet the Participants

We at Bad Soviet Habits ask the hard-hitting questions, and we wanted to know just what kind of (April) fools would take part in something as unseemly as MOTIONARY COMICS. So we went straight the horse’s mouth and we asked.

Jonathan West and Dorothea West. Answers from the father are on the left. Answers from the daughter are on the right, and we hope that if social services come to visit, it’s not as a result of our incisive questionnaire. But not because we doubt that SEVEN YEAR OLDS SAY “WTF.” WHAT KIND OF PARENT ARE YOU, MAN? Now, where did I put the number for social services. What? Is this thing on? I feel like I’ve got Joe Biden’s microphone here.

NAME:  Jonathan/Dorothea
FAVORITE COMIC ARTIST:  Art Spiegelman/Charles Schulz
FAVORITE COMIC STRIP ONOMATAPOEIA:  I’m not answering this eggheaded question/I’m only seven, WTF
FAVORITE SUPERHERO:  Spiderman when he has Kristen Dunst in his life/Spiderman because my friend Luke wears his Spiderman costume everywhere he goes
LIKES:  Cheese and swearing/Swimming and things that are pink
DISLIKES:  Cowards/Having to stop reading at night
WHY DID YOU GET INTO THIS PROJECT:  Kurt Hartwig asked me and I’m fairly certain he has information about me that could ruin my family/I’m trying to save my father’s reputation
WHAT’S YOUR PIPE-DREAM JOB?:  Obituary writer and Actor/Ballerine, but could change tomorrow—I’m seven
WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN WITH THIS PROJECT ON APRIL 16?:  I will somehow be covered in paint by a group of people who have probably dreamed about messing with me for years/It will be fun, because everything is fun when you are seven
CAKE OR DEATH?:  Sheet cake/Mommy, what’s for dessert, and you had better not say “Death.”


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