Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Drumroll, please…

The next introductions include another illustrator (they’re everywhere!) and a choreographer (there’s just one). Matt Chicorel is the foul-mouthed artist behind our logo.

NAME  Matt Chicorel

FAVORITE NICKNAME   I sign my shit ‘CHIC’ but I like it when people call me ‘Awesome’, ‘the best’, ‘really cool’, ‘Good’, ‘Fuck Farter Face’, but not ‘Idiot’ even thought I’m probably an idiot.

FAVORITE COMIC ARTIST   tough one.  I guess Tim Sale if I had to pick one.

FAVORITE COMIC STRIP ONOMATOPOEIA    I tried figuring out how to spell that sound that they make on LOST every time they go to a commercial break on a cliffhanger. I don’t know if that’s an onomatopoeia, cause I don’t know how to spell it

FAVORITE SUPERHERO  tie: Spidey and Buddy Bradley

LIKES  Drunk fun, pop comics, pop music, playing music, pizza, 30 Rock, Sobelman’s, learning stuff, impulse decisions, not having to go to work, progress, facebook

DISLIKES Fighting, going to work, being cold, jerks, forgetting shit

TURN ONS   Cute funny girls with good taste in music and stuff.  You can be smarter than me, but don’t make me feel dumb if you are please thanks.

TURN OFFS   Wearing too much make-up.  Don’t pee on me when we’re sleeping together.  Oh you were drunk?  Okay…fine.  Whatev.

WHY DID YOU GET INTO COMICS?  About five years ago I stopped going to school cause I hated it and wasn’t gonna get anything out of it.  So I just got a regular job, and started doing my comics and stuff on my own terms.  A+….  Ironic thing is now schools have classes on comics and comic drawing– even though when I showed up it  wasn’t what they were ‘looking for’. FUck school!! STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS!!
WHAT’S YOUR PIPE-DREAM JOB? Being able to make a living, and travel, and play in bands and tour…fully financed by my comics and art.  Seriously.
WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN WITH THIS PROJECT ON APRIL 16?  Not sure.  Should be interesting and fun.  Wow, great adjectives!  Will there be topless girls with paintings on their boobs?  That’s what happened the only other time I was at this place.

CAKE OR DEATH?   I guess cake, cause I don’t wanna die.  Not yet.  Was talking about this just earlier today.  Here’s my official death wish (for future reference): “AVENGE ME!” goes on my tombstone.  And if there’s anything about God or Jesus or any prayers or whatever at my funeral I will come back from the dead and kill whoever set that up.  Sorry if that sounds angry or something but it’s not.  I say ‘oh my god’ or ‘goddammit’ all the time! I just don’t believe in him.  I believe in dinosaurs and science.

And choreographer Elizabeth Johnson gives away our movie references.

NAME: Elizabeth Johnson
FAVORITE SUPERHERO: Wonderwoman (as played by the awesomely wide-hipped Linda Carter)
LIKES:  my husband and kids most days, hugs, learning about the relationship between the body and mind, teaching (most days),  dance, theatre, film, music, art, writing/blogging, making dances, watching sassy HBO series, my dog and cat, therapy, being helpful, talking with friends, girl-power, eating well, awareness practices, knowing all the words to pop songs and singing loud in the car.
DISLIKES: apathy, incuriosity, cruelty, ignorance, self-righteousness, liver and onions, tight shoes and waistlines, being short, racism (and most of the other “isms” but orgasms are fine).
TURN ONS: really being coordinated and in one’s body, intelligence with humility and wit, nice pecs, patience and good humor, empathy, spirituality with no manipulation or condescension. uh, I REALLY like Michael Sheen these days…does he have nice pecs? maybe it’s just the charming accent and I think he DOES have nice pecs when he’s a werewolf.
TURN OFFS: inequality, delayed or absent justice and tolerance for the same, bad breath, mildew, gender constrictions, being a workaholic, cultures that think the arts are extraneous and frilly as opposed to absolutely integral and necessary to humankind.
WHY DID YOU GET INTO DANCE?: my mother took me to see the Ruth Page Nutcracker in Chicago when I was five. We were in the “nosebleed” balcony seats so I basically thought that everyone on stage was my age and my size. I cried every night for a month after that and asked why couldn’t I go dance with the boys in the party scene. I am still a goner. Coordination, athleticism, and grace still amaze and slay me.
WHAT’S YOUR PIPE-DREAM JOB? I don’t know–I like and want to explore too many things. I would like to be a dancing, choreographing, acting, singing, body worker, therapist, trainer–which is kind of what I am now but I would like to be paid way more. And have a housekeeper and manager. And everyone think I’m really great.
WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN WITH THIS PROJECT ON APRIL 16? I think it will be a smashing good time and that I will probably be drunk by the time we finish.
CAKE OR DEATH?  I’ll have the cake please. And if you don’t know this bit of Eddie Izzard’s then you REALLY NEED to watch his “Dressed to Kill” special. He is a wonderful executive transvestite.

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