Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.


Apparently, multi-tasking is a bad idea. Last night in rehearsal Andy and Kelly each said something to me, at the same time. My brain froze up. I couldn’t make out a single word. It didn’t even sound like language.

I’ll be the first to admit that I can’t do two things at the same time very well, but that tends to be more physical. Even on the mental level though, when you can in theory keep it all together, something still suffers. For example. Lose a train of thought, maybe. Take the wrong turn. Drive auto-pilot home instead of going to the movie theater you’d intended to visit.

Most “multi-tasking” isn’t simultaneous, though, it’s serial. We do this all day, right? Walk the dog, get the groceries, pack the office, feed the cats, did you remember to hit the store on the way home? Uh, nope. Nope, missed that altogether.

I’m good at planning and at executing, but at a certain point of sustained intensity, something starts to suffer. Or more typically, everything starts to suffer equally. I’m producing THE HEART OF  A DOG, doing all the graphics, doing some of the props, trying to take care of my house as much as I can, be a reasonable partner to my spouse, do the dishes occasionally.

Everything suffers a little bit. Case in point: I can’t remember my lines.

See you at Moct next Thursday!

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  1. clickerbug

    you know why all those everyday things suffer a little bit? Because your subconscious is busy processing the things it needs to learn. You’ll come back to rehearsal tomorrow exponentially better, and the next rehearsal even better [squared].

    When hitting the store becomes the most important thing on your subconscious priority list, you’ll remember.


    May 1, 2010 at 3:41 pm

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