Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

A couple of loose threads…

So I posted about copyright last week mere hours before we opened the show at Moct Bar. A friend of mine thinks she might have a contact for a friend of a friend of Frank Galati. Or something like that. In the meantime, we press onward in our legal limbo. Seriously, anybody out there know anybody?

And I think I mentioned that we opened the show? Right, that happened.

I haven’t looked at the footage from our generous videographers (Teddy Lyngaas from AboutFace Media, and Nicole Brown and Brad Lichtenstein from 371 Productions), so I can only go on my gut and say that the performance went fairly well. We got some laughs throughout the entire piece, even at the end, and it’s not really a comedy, so that’s gratifying. It is a satire, and it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s not bust-a-gut stuff.

I have to interject a note regarding performance evaluation, though. Two weeks ago we had a rehearsal at Andy’s apartment during which I felt that we were basically just marking the whole show. By which I mean we were going through the motions. Saying the words without much affect. Not really acting so much as repeating. We get to the end, and the first thing Kelly says is, “that gave me chills.” Andy concurs, he felt like we were really ON.

David Mamet has something to say about this practice of actor self-evaluation, good or bad, which can be paraphrased cleanly as “shut up –  you don’t know what you’re talking about. It looked fine. Shut up. Stop thinking.”

So for those of you wondering how the performance was – I have no idea. It felt good. We had good responses from our small audience, half of which was Andy’s family. YAY ANDY’S FAMILY!

And with a house that small, here’s my question to you in the ether: how do I register a complaint about press coverage without sounding like sour grapes? I’m not expecting a review, I’d just like to make it into a couple of listings in a timely manner.

Actually, if you could tell me that latter bit, I’d forego the complaining altogether.


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