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Fringe Day 3 – Morning Update about Fringe Day 2

Fringe Sunday. You might think that because it’s Sunday and because we’re part of the Fringe, that “Fringe Sunday” is a fairly obvious construction. And it is. But it means more than that, because today is the day for showcases. Every company that wants to can do a one-minute commercial for their show. Andy’s put something together for us, in spite of his trans-Atlantic seatmate Patrick (whose spontaneous jingle, sung to the tune of something like “The Ants Go Marching,” we hope to post as a sound file later on).

Yesterday was another great day. Kelly, Lale, and I wandered around Old Town and Josefov, while Andy slept in. YESTERDAY WAS ANDY’S BIRTHDAY! A fact he brought up at sporadic intervals, always prefaced with, “Oh! I forgot that today was my birthday!” When I pointed this out, he pointed back that he only said that when I was mean to him.

We bought tickets for Normalcy Has Been Restored (New York), Horse (which, if you read the review from Day 1, is definitely a Show to See), and again to Stephen Frost. We’d also set up to have dinner with James from the Prague Post – who does not have a telephone, and can therefore not be as spontaneously addressed if Things Change.

Because things do change. Lisa told me that I shouldn’t have made plans because there was a surprise. Okay, but I bought tickets. Well, tickets are small in the grand scheme.

Normalcy plays right before us at the kavárna in Na Prádle, and their show only runs a little more than a half hour, so we weren’t particularly worried about blowing our preset or getting exceptionally freaked out. Their show is a series of mass transit horror stories. I’m not sure what it was about per se, but the interactions were good and the performances were solid. Best line: “We can’t hate him because he’s a man, we have to hate him because he’s a pervert. And we don’t know he’s a pervert, we just know he’s creepy.”

Andy got to be the dog! Kurt 4, Andy 1. We’re a little rough on this version of the show, just from being out of practice, but we still know the show top to bottom, so no great worries. We’re not concerned about doing a bad job for the audience (pretty confident we’ve got a good show either way) so much as we are doing a performance that we’re happy with. A very different audience – hardly any response during the show, but lots of enthusiasm at the end. Different energy, but again a lot of fun.

And surprise! Who’s in the audience but friends from Moscow! I met Mitch when I first moved to Prague, and he and his girlfriend are in for the weekend. A whole bunch of us went out dinner, met James, and I bailed on the later shows to hang out with Mitch and Ksenia. So only one show yesterday, but I’ll make up for that today. Andy’s report: Horse is really good (he won’t “spoil” any more of beyond that), and Stephen Frost and Co. weren’t as good the second night as the first. But still good.

Hooray for friends visiting from far away!

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