Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

The latest from the East

Monday afternoon.

A recap of yesterday, because that’s how we roll.

Andy’s idea for our commercial for the Prague Fringe Sunday Showcase – since we wanted to hew to the stated one minute time-limit – was to talk about the show in a way that demonstrated how we each do all the characters. I narrated the first half, he narrated the second, and whenever the narrator said the type of character (dog, brilliant scientist, etc.), the other of us physicalized that part. We didn’t rehearse, but we got a good response. Except from one ex-pat woman who told Kelly that “we didn’t present ourselves well.” She went on to buy nine tickets, not including us. And we had our smallest house to date, so maybe the ex-pat woman was right. But she also told Kelly that she’s lived here for 17 years or so and has only learned minimal Czech by choice, so even if she’s right I can’t really take her seriously.

We saw Turbulence yesterday afternoon, a British-Austrian show that seemed rather thrown-together. Some okay performances with some very rough performances with some scattered dramaturgy. It was very difficult to tell what exactly it was about.

We only had 17 people at yesterday’s show, and the most noteworthy of those was a British gentleman in the very front of the house. Andy started as the dog (Kurt 4, Andy 2), and leaned toward him. It helps to establish the dog if someone’s got food or something. And said British gentleman told Andy, “You touch my chips and I’ll kill you.” So that was a good start. He proceeded to get up halfway through the show, walk in front of the rest of the audience, get himself another beer, and return to his seat. Then he made out with his girlfriend for a bit, then he got up with about ten minutes left and walked away again. He didn’t return that time, at least.

So we don’t really like him or the idea of him.

The show itself was a bit rough again, which is why we’re about to do a line-through right now. Not sure what exactly is going on, but we’re still not on our game with this reversal of parts.

The weekend being over, we anticipate a drop in tickets from now until Wednesday, with numbers starting to climb again on Thursday and through Saturday. Cross yer fingers!

Oh, and a very cool thing from yesterday – someone who saw Decaffeinated Tragedy last year used my recipe to make a chocolate Kahlua cheesecake. It was great.


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