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Another rainy day here in the City of a Thousand Spires. Theoretically this clears up tomorrow, but on the other hand, this is sort of what I often imagine Prague to be like in my head. It’s supposed to be sunny by Friday afternoon and through the weekend, which will be fantastic if it’s the case. There’s not much better than Prague in the spring in the sun.

I’ve got some friends coming up from Brno today to hang out and probably catch the show. They understand a lot more English than they speak, but it’s really more about catching up than it is about watching theater. They’ve all got plenty on their plates back in Moravia, so there seems to be some flux about who exactly is going to make it up.

All of them work at Theatre Goose on a String, where I worked for the ’92-’93 season. In my limited understanding at the time, Brbla was my boss, Jarda was our driver, and Jarek was one of the two lighting techs. As I grew to understand the workings of the place more, I learned that Brbla was something like the technical director, Jarda was the driver for both us and for HaDivadlo (Theatre H), and the building manager for the organization that housed them both, the Centre for Experimental Theatre. And Jarek was still one of two lighting techs. But he’s the boss of the techs now, so it’s different.

I was hired by a guy named Milan Sedláček, who disappeared halfway through the year to be replaced by another guy, Petr Oslzlý. I asked what happened to Milan (he was such a nice guy, giving me a job and all…), and the answer I got at the time was that he’d been made ambassador to Austria.


To this day I don’t know if I misunderstood that answer or not. But what makes it plausible is when I asked who this Oslzlý guy was and where he’d come from, I got back, “Oh, he’s been advising Havel at the Castle.”

Double yoink.

If you search for info on Oslzlý, you may find a biographical article about him describing him as “The Dramaturge of the Revolution.” And it was about that time that I really started to put together that the theater that I was working for was one of the groups that played an instrumental part in the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Which is a great part of the reason why, when I ended up in grad school, that I started digging into the history a bit more.

So anyway. My friends are coming up today, and that’s cool.


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