Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Prague in a Different Light

Different, and yet still slate-gray.

For other perspectives on the city and the Fringe, check out Kelly Crandall’s blog (our stage manager and the official photographer for the Prague Fringe), and also Lara Parmiani’s here.

Lara performed in The World’s (Other) Wife with Beautiful Confusion, an Anglo-Italo-Americo production that fell right at the same time as our show, pretty much. So we couldn’t see it. Lara’s got an epic post (divided into chapters) about their company’s arrival and travails, plus the mournings of an Italian-born foodie stuck in England and Prague.

There might be other details of the Fringe, but I haven’t come across any yet.

We talked with Lee and Lara quite a bit one of the first nights of the Fringe (photos here, mostly of Lee), but never ran into them again, which was quite a pity.


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