Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

The Bright Side

I don’t really have a bright side. It’s what I’m looking for.

We’re having a grand old time watching the World Cup. We generally don’t choose a team until partway through the first half. We may be inclined to root for one team or another, but instances of diving (Italy, Portugal 2006, anyone?) or dirty play will turn us against a team we might be otherwise inclined to pull for. Serbia 2006 played mean. This year not so much – but our friend Nebi was up in arms against his countrymen when he discovered that they rolled up to the game in Hummers with rims. “That’s why we lost, you arrogant bastards!” And having Ghana win? Really, we were going to be happy with either team. We missed seeing Brazil over North Korea today, but were delighted to hear about the goal that made the game interesting. World Cup = good.

The animals continue to be ridiculous. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood watching a dog roll ecstatically around on the grass. Good. The cats engage in fights over who is dirtier. Clash-of-the-titans style wrestling has punctuated holds in which the cats grip one another in a lock, and clean the loser’s head, ear, neck, etc. ferociously. Rinse and repeat. Good.

We moved stuff down to the new apartment today and imagined where Things Would Go. New chapter = good.

We’re taking a couple of days to ourselves. Good.

I’m heading up to the Cities, from whence Anthony and I will do a video tour of places from high school and college. My goal is to have him laugh on tape with some frequency, even if it takes a little profanity every now and then. This will also be good.

There really isn’t a bright side, per se. It’s just that not everything is bad. Time to go google-image search kittens.


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