Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Set the bar.

After a middling-night’s sleep for everyone except Mark, we’re slated to go to Haarlem today.

Haarlem is about a 15-20 minute train ride west of here from the Centraal Station with trains leaving every less-than-fifteen minutes. It doesn’t get much easier. We’ll rent bikes once we’re there – Lisa and I may hit a pub while Lori and Mark nerd it up at a fossil-science-nature museum (yawn), then head through the forest west of Haarlem to the North Sea. I cannot emphasize enough how easy this trip looks on paper.

In spite of how easy this looks, were I alone for the day and Lisa off watching movies, it’s the sort of thing I could easily talk myself out of doing. I’m having a good time writing, I might decide, or it’s just easier to go for another walk around Amsterdam. I could even make sure I was coming up with a legitimate excuse, but what it would come down to is that I basically don’t like putting myself into foreign surroundings. If I’m walking around Amsterdam solo, sure I’m getting to know the city, but I’m also not having to interact with anyone.

But then I had to go and wrote about filters the other day and now if I let Amsterdam be all I see of the Netherlands I’ll feel like a total jack-ass loser.

It’s not even setting the bar high – this country makes traveling around ridiculously easy. Good and frequent transportation options, everyone speaks eight languages more than I do, and most of them speak English better as well. It’s just a matter of not being lazy and not being cowardly.

Time to heave myself off of my duff.


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