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Two Point Oh

My exciting early-winter news from last year was having Moct ask me if I’d be interested in producing another round of Motionary Comics at the bar. Immediately flattered, I still noodled on the idea a bit. Did I want to recreate the same thing, which might be a bit boring, or strike out and do something new? I worked on a couple of new ideas, but ultimately decided that the smart thing to do would be to work on last year’s model with just enough variation to make it fun for me but still let me try and improve the system, find the bits that didn’t work as well as others.

With that in mind, I invited Tea Krulos to be the lead artist. I didn’t have one of those last year, and the introduction of a lead artist entails a couple of changes. First of all, Tea has come up with the concept – it was a gimee, and the reason I asked him. He blogs about Real Life Super Heroes (RLSH). He’s coming up with our story, he’s the one who’s going to design our panels, and he’s creating the text.

Most of the rest of the evening is largely the same. Choreographers will position people dressed up in Tyvek that our colorists will spray. Illustrators will fill in the blank spots that their bodies leave against the canvas, and from there on out the colorists and illustrators alternate until 11:30pm or so, by which time Tea will be putting the text up.

We’re documenting again this year – stills, video, and (I hope!) some live streaming. Rumor has it we’ll be visited by a couple of RLSHs, and we’re going to put up some video links from their nemeses across the continent – Real Life Super Villains. Dori Zori from local rockin’ radio station WMSE has the tunes.

If you’re anywhere near Milwaukee on April 29, 2011, I think we all know where you should be.

And did I mention that it’s free? And that it’s also a benefit for the United Way? Come on. Come out and play.

Motionary Comics cover image


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