Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

double u double u double u dot dot dot

Work. Weather. Weary.

The house is looking smashing. It is on the market. These are good things. My crew of irregulars is beginning to dry up. This is not so good. Alvaro’s off to Houston. Brooklyn is teaching. Josh might be getting a Real Job. There are many things I can tackle solo, but standing up a 40′ extension ladder is not one of them. I can’t take it down by myself, either.

Shingles!For the record, that’s just an A-frame ladder up there. Not a 40′ extension ladder, which is what we use to get to the peak of the gable.

The interior of the house is done, which means that all of the rest of my work is weather-dependent. The 10-day forecast? Rain. Except for thunderstorms.

I’m living up in Milwaukee six days a week right now – I generally pull half days on Saturday so that I can get home, do three loads of laundry, and spend my Sundays paying bills and crunching numbers for how the job is going. Lisa’s working in the ‘burbs 5 days a week with a 70 minute commute, so last week and this I’ve got the dog with me.

Smelly puppyThis is her on our drive to and from Chicago on Wednesday, after she’d farted herself to sleep. In my truck cab.


This is her taking the wheel after I’ve been dawdling too long.

All of which is to say – the whole family is pretty freaking tired, even though we’re fairly excited and pleased with how everything is moving.

And! I got back comments from my latest beta reader, so I’m going through edits (sloooowwwly) on A Watchful Eye. I’m hoping that picks me up enough that I can think about going back to writing on the next one again, at some point.


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