Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.


It’s been a week. We got a buyer for the house, we lost a buyer for the house. We painted, we shingled, we dug.

No, we’re not done, but we are mighty close. Paint notes this week by one of my crew, I’m back on Friday, maybe install some more window wells, maybe just move more stuff out.

This was my view while I painted the north side of the house.

Green goes RedRooftop canyon. All that green? It went red. You can see, perhaps, that my neighbors’ gutters squish into my house. Yes, we’re that close. It made some of the painting on the north face pretty tricky.

Which didn’t stop Tim.

Climb, wriggle, wrangleFor the record, there’s just slightly less than 24″ between the houses. That Tim, he’s a good guy.

Next up, me and Farty the Dog take a road trip to the in-laws to unload some of our stuff from Milwaukee and to hang out a bit. But first – a relaxing holiday weekend.

Happy 4th!


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