Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.


Moving more things.

Moving more things means packing things from the House into a Cargo Van.

Then re-packing the Cargo Van in the rain.

Then driving through the rain and then the sun to Missouri.

Missouri is where our Dog has spent the past four weeks and will spend the coming four to six weeks at Puppy Summer Camp, following around Sheriff Ham (dad-in-law), who dribbles hamburger and bacon from his pockets.

I am Happy to see the Dog. Happy like this.

Now the Dog is confused. Do I sleep in the room with my pack-person from Home? Or in the room with Sheriff Ham? Home? Ham?

I don’t want the Dog to be confused. I give her the command “okay,” and she follows Sheriff Ham to bed.

This was the Right Thing to Do.

And I am sad.

Sad like this.

Can we get out of the car now?


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