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Favor for a Friend

About five years ago, I started the physical work on a theatrical production that would eventually be a show called Who I Was Yesterday, that was a good show with great ambitions. Note the gap between the adjectives.

2nd night Bedbugs

One of the people who came on board, in this case to play the part of the Twins (he wore a mask and held a mask and those were his two characters), was Andy North. That’s him up there on the crates. See him? Mask barely visible in hand? Andy was friends with a bunch of people who were my students at the University at the time and – let’s just say I had a mixed reputation. He gambled. We had a good time.

In this picture, we try to imagine what the other must have been like in the classroom.


Two years later I wrote the memoir play Decaffeinated Tragedy and took it to the Prague Fringe Festival. I had a marvelous time and came back full of enthusiasm for More More More Performance and I had a couple of ideas.

I called Andy. We met for drinks. I pitched him idea #1, kind of meta-theater about criticism, performance, and watching. I pitched him idea #2, a two-person adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Heart of a Dog. I loaned him the book. We started writing. Spring 2010 we went to the Fringe with our stage manager Kelly and had a great time.

US Performance

Andy came back full of enthusiasm for More More More Performance and he had a couple of ideas. Andy’s done a lot of stage work, but most of his training is in stand-up and improvisation. He came up with an idea for an onstage choose-your-own-adventure. He workshopped it last spring with a bunch of elementary school kids. He staged it for adults at the end of May. It was a ton of fun. It was… ADVENTURE!!!

The venue came back to Andy full of enthusiasm for More More More Performance and would he like to develop six shows at their space next year?

Um. Yes?

The venue is basically a road house. They’ve got a space, so they can subsidize rehearsal and performance space, but they actually don’t have any money, so Andy’s gone back to Kickstarter. Kickstarter (like IndieGoGo) is a microfinancing website. They’ll take a straight off the top 5% cut of the money donated – but they only do that and Andy only gets any money if he raises all of his money. He’s got to raise $2,900.

You have to sign up for Kickstarter to donate. You can pay through Amazon. Maybe PayPal, too? I pay through Amazon. But seriously. It’s easy. It’s painless. You might even discover other projects you’d like to help fund.

But before you do? Give my friend some money first? Call it a favor.


2 responses

  1. clickerbug

    Good to know that Fringe begets enthusiasm for More More More Performance. Hard to imagine at the moment as I dream of Less Less Less Utter Panic.

    Hey, did I ever get you photos of your performance in Prague? I have them.

    And I will give to Andy. While I don’t need muffins or a jumpsuit — wait … the right kind of jumpsuit could be part of a robot costume, right?? — I might just need to be yelled at. Catharsis, and all that. Or, hmmm, the script looks attractive … or look, a custom drawing! Ohh, decisions, decisions.


    September 2, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    • Not sure if you did get us the pix, actually. And if you haven’t given to Andy, you should be sure to start reading with UPDATE #1. He’s writing a story with all of the recruits in it.

      September 8, 2011 at 6:39 pm

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