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Ginger Beer, Part 1

This is my second time to make ginger beer. This is the first time that I am being methodical about it. Well. Sort of.  Last time, at least, I did take one particular picture.

Behold, the power of yeast and sugar.

That image there? That’s what happens when you mix yeast, sugar, and raw ginger together and put it in a plastic soda bottle JUST THE WAY THE RECIPE SAYS TO DO IT.


Speaking of recipes, I followed these handy instructions from With some modifications based on available ingredients and curiosity.

First, I used dry yeast instead of fresh cake yeast (5 1/2 tsp for those of you playing at home), and instead of 2 tsps of ground ginger, I microplaned fresh ginger and used what my wife said is a standard shift, teaspoon to tablespoon. Ergo 2 Tbsp of microplaned fresh ginger.

Also, the recipe suggests using regular, used soda bottles and leaving about 2″ at the top when you decant for the one week of bottle conditioning. I used empty club soda and tonic water liter-sized bottles and filled 6 to not-quite-the-top, leaving the requisite two inches. When I went to retrieve my six bottles from the basement at the end of their week stint, I discovered that one of them was now empty and its cap was missing and there was a lot of sticky, gingery stuff all over my plastic shelves, and it all smelled very yeasty.

The bottle cap pictured above popped later and I saved about half of the contents of the bottle.

But how does it taste? Who cares about the kitchen casualties.

Very good. Slightly lemony. This taste fades after about a week, mellowing slightly. The ginger isn’t too bitey. I’d actually like it more if it was.

More at Ginger Beer, Part 2 – look for it Saturday at a blog near you.


2 responses

  1. trtrtodd

    I may try the ginger beer. i have been doing my own experiments with fermentation. I’ve made several batches of beer, and two batches of wine. all pretty good. i’ll try to pass some off to you next time i see you. Pay you back for the coffee cards.

    September 22, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    • hooray!

      September 23, 2011 at 7:13 am

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