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Housekeeping and Links Roundup for Jan 26, ’13

Busy week here with the posts, what with PitchWars and everything going on. I’ll have a little more to say on that front as the process is fairly interesting and I’ve been crunching some of the data, but that’s going to wait until Tuesday. I don’t want to get into the habit of posting excessively on top of the fairy tale updates and clogging up your email if that’s how you’re getting updates, for example.

I will be adding a Saturday post of a links round-up as an experiment. I’ll limit the links to no more than five. If this is excessive on top of the fiction, please let me know.

Lastly, at the next “chapter break” in the fairy tale, I’m going to be posting an intermission of sorts. Someone sent me an original fairy tale of her own writing – she joked about it being fanfic – that is pretty lovely. We’re going to edit it together so that it fits in the 600 word installment format and then it’ll start going live a week from Monday. I’ve thought about having other writers guest on here and was never sure how to wrangle it, but including the work as a separate, unrelated entity entirely works for me conceptually and practically.


Design: a melting bookcase. Having built a sleigh bed and bending 1/4″ plywood across a form, I can tell you that a lot of clamps and glue were involved in the creation of this beast. I like it more for the practical challenges of its construction than I do for imagining this particular shelf in my house, but at the same time its great to think about what what isn’t all 90 degree angles that would fit.

Photography 1: It was cold in Chicago this past week but a burning building takes no account of temperature. Using water to put the fire out? Well, the cold has a different affect there. Here are some amazing pictures of the aftermath of the warehouses that burned (in Bridgeport, I think).

Photography 2: Related, here are some phenomenal black and white photos of historic Chicago fires from 1910, 1961, and 1968. Of the 42 people that died in these three events, 34 of the deceased were firefighters.

Animalia: I didn’t know that bowhead whales could lived for over 200 years, but I guess I’m not surprised. This fact brought to you by scientists checking on the no-longer-quite-so-threatened population of the whales that were hunted for meat, oil, and ambergris in Herman Melville’s time, and confirmed by the presence of Melville-era harpoons, still embedded in some whales’ bodies. Story here.

Today’s reminder that we’re living in the future: Tractor beams are a thing. On a microscopic scale, so it’s not as if we’re hauling in the Millenium Falcon, but that’s okay because it’s still amazing and no one has even invented a Millenium Falcon yet.


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