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Links Round-Up, Feb 2 ’13

Last May (2012) I went to see a magnificent production in Chicago called There Is a Happiness That Morning Is, an original work by the good folks at Theater Oobleck. There’s a re-mount of the show up at the Victory Gardens Theater right now through March 10. 90 minutes, no intermission, and the whole thing is written in freaking rhyming couplets. Seriously. You owe it to yourself to go see this if you’re local to it. Here’s what I wrote last May if you want a capsule review.

Just go see it, okay?

A reminder that on Monday there’s an Intermission-Fairy Tale starting up for this week and next that is quite lovely. It’s got nothing to do with Ivan or Bulat and is in a little world of its own.


At Neatorama, a simple visual explanation of how a key works with tumblers. Not sure how that works with lock-picking. I’d love to see a combined video like that.

In the world of hacking, doing something completely legal, not even being a dick about it, and getting prosecuted as a result, here is Andrew Auernheimer’s Statement of Responsibility for calling attention to AT&T’s screw up. He’s looking at two 5-year sentences. On the heels of Aaron Swartz’s suicide, it seems like there are some pretty serious issues with our legal code.

For the fashionista in us all, a brief history of high heels. Spoiler: men started wearing them first for practical reasons, then for completely impractical reasons. Oh, the things we do for status.

A nine-minute animated short film from Denmark – epic fantasy more or less, mostly about friendship and adventuring. The Reward.

Eric Standley's paper architecture

These pieces you have to see to believe. They look like architecture, but they’re paper sculptures that mimic cathedral windows. From artist Eric Standley.



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