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Links Round-Up, 9 Feb

This past week started Gracie Lee’s Intermission stories – her first three have gone up, and the story concludes on Wednesday this coming week with part five. This and any future Intermission stories will also be accessible through the toolbar above. Click on Telling Tales for the drop-down menu and go to Intermission and Bob’s your uncle. Her first story begins here, if you missed it.

I wrote a post about Rejection that was a minor epiphany and helped me realize where the emotional sting was coming from – useful!

Meantime, we’ve got nieces visiting (our belated Christmas present to them – a trip to the big city), so that’s this whole weekend gone.

Alain Laboile


1) Some lovely, propped out photography as shot in the reflection of a pool by Alain Laboile (see above). Here’s an article describing his work if you want some background.

2+) I’m going to cheat with this next – it’s not a single link so much as a conceptual set of designed images. First, some vintage posters from graphic designer A.M. Cassandre. Trust me, you’ll recognize his work. Very modernist in a very good way, here. Second, you probably know Belgian surrealist René Magritte, but I bet you didn’t know he designed the covers for sheet music. Hey – guy’s gotta eat, right? Anyway, it turns out his sense of composition isn’t limited to fine art – here. And lastly, Yan Nascimbene designed the covers to a number of Italo Calvino books, which are marvelous in their own right. Here. (You’ll note those are all from Brainpickings, which is a fantastic site. If you’re on Twitter, be sure to follow her @brainpicker.)

3) I’ll keep these last three short on account of the design heavy #2. The first is German photographer Paul Schneggenburger’s time-lapse shots of couples sleeping. Remarkably ethereal.

Paul Schneggenburger

4) Far be it from the Wall Street Journal to leave the fluff-culture pieces to the New York Times. They’ve covered this quartet of guys twice already. The first to document their twenty-three year-long game of tag. And meantime, as hard as it can be, flying across country to tag someone, two people have already been nailed this year in the obligatory update.

5) This one is short but infinitely update-able (okay – I know – infinity is a long time). Did you know that the Chicago Manual of Style does an online Q&A? Well, you do now. And they can be opinionated. Enjoy!


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