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Links Round-up, 16 Feb

Already mid-February. That seems insane.

We’ve got our tickets for Berlin and are now in the process of getting everything else figured between now and then. One of the very, very minor figurings is that I’ve changed the name of the blog at long last – you probably didn’t even notice. The URL remains, for the moment, EveryDayPerformance, but the title of the blog itself as you’ll see in the upper left, is Likely Fictions, which makes a bit more sense. I’m inclined to change the URL as well, but I want to do some investigating first to make sure it doesn’t screw anything up for subscriptions. It’s been over a year since I’ve done any of the ethnographic observations on here that I thought would be the new focus, but who knows – maybe that’ll pick up again once we’re in Germany. Then again, Lisa and I will be writing together at the Berlin Diary while we’re there.



First, a couple of one-offs. From Today’s Document, an historic instance of voter fraud in which Susan B. Anthony was arrested and fined for “being then and there a person of the female sex” (and voting). Since, in 1872, the ladies couldn’t do that.

Two paper-related links. Lisa Nilsson is a friend of ours from Indiana days. When we knew here she painted greeting cards for money and taught herself things like scrimshaw because she is congenitally curious. These days she creates images with tightly curled paper, called “quilling,” and takes her inspiration from medical textbooks (and the occasional illumination). Really amazing – here.

Li Hongbo creates these paper sculptures… Look, I don’t know how he does it. Go slowly through this page and be sure to watch at least one of the short videos. My big question is how he managed to get the sculptures to collapse once again into their “at rest” state.

Brazilian Carnival

Click on that image above for more images from Carnival. Lots of scantily clad samba dancers, so if that’s not your thing, heads up.

For movie fans, all of the Oscar-nominated shorts are online and Slate has them all on one page for your viewing pleasure. I particularly liked the Simpsons throwback, but I think the good money is on Disney’s Paperman.

Lastly, from the annals of the dedicated, perhaps admirable, and definitely weird, is German wolf researcher Werner Freund, who’s taken Louis Prima’s song “I Want to Be Like You” and gone the other direction. This series combines some of the, uh, medical-seeming level of Lisa Nilsson’s quilling from above with all of the realism that you expect from a photograph as Freund gets down with his pack. You might be grossed out but it’s really incredible. Click the picture.

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