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Links Round-up, 23 February

We’re starting to make our “So long!” rounds, as we’re off to Berlin in April. That means catching up with folks that we won’t see for a couple of months, which more or less means dinner or drinks. Or dinner and drinks. Time is going to start becoming very… compact in the coming weeks.

I’ve got fewer links sitting in wait this week so I’m going to post five websites that are worth periodic checking.

The first is the Head Like an Orange – perhaps so named because it’s a Dutch site? Dunno. He’s got a sort-of-description on his ABOUT tab but I don’t know who Karl Pilkington is. Regardless, Marinus of Head Like an Orange makes nature-themed GIFs. You can lose hours here. Simple and beautiful.

How to Be Interesting is part of Jessica Hagy’s manuscript that derives from her series “Indexed.” She makes associations via Venn diagrams or simple x-y graphs to chart associations. This one, for example, is entitled Bitter Isn’t Interesting.

Jessica Hagy

The Reconstructionists is an every-Monday-for-a-year collaboration between Maria Popova (of Brainpickings, to whom I link a great deal) and illustrator Lisa Congdon. They’ll be showcasing women in arts, culture, science, literature, and probably many other arenas – women who we might not know as much about as we probably ought to.

For some weird science, we’re going to see WTF, Evolution?, showcasing some of the world’s more unlikely developments in the animal kingdom.

Lastly, if you’ve ever forgotten the name of a book, yes, there’s a website for that. Join the community of people trying to figure that book you read as a kid, you know, the one with the red spine and a rooster on the cover. What’s That Book?


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