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Links Round Up, Mar 2

About two weeks ago, a meteorite came down in Siberia and injured a couple of hundred people. There was a lot of amazing footage of this from “dash cams,” which was not a thing that I was aware of until that moment. At the time, I assumed “dash” meant something along the lines of running and was briefly confused as to how a runner could keep an image so steady. Oh – dashboard of a car. Got it. So here are two stories explaining why dashboard cameras are so common in Russia – first, from Business Insider; and from Animal New York.

And as long as we’re in that part of the world, here’s Buzzfeed with eleven safety posters from the days of the U.S.S.R. Sure, they’re stylized and all, but they’re still… disturbingly gory. Magic here.

Then there’s this. Alice Finch’s 400,000 block Lego version of Hogwarts.

It took her 12 months to make and it’s timeless – in that scenes from all 7 books play out in the various parts of the school. Here’s her story at Collider and here’s a link to her Flickr page. Keep an eye on this incidentally – apparently in mid-March she’ll be putting up some time-lapse video.

Next up, John Hodgman’s advice to writers.

And lastly, the magnificent ungainliness of a ladybug unfurling its wings and flying.


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