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Weekend links, May 11, 2013

I had a great accidental connection from last week’s Berlin links, Berlin in Pictures. If you use the browser Chrome, it’ll translate the page for you, but really it’s all one-off pictures, so don’t worry if you’re on a different one. The images are all very, very lovely. It’s a distant kind of introduction to the city for me, and it’s already suggested some new places I’d like to visit.

Speaking of which, Lisa and I are beginning the process of listing some of the places we want to go in the city. There are many and we will not make it to them all. Last week we visited the decommissioned airport at Tempelhof, which was pretty amazing.


Its formal geometry is an architectural echo of the equally artificial (as in artifice) grounds at Sanssouci, which we visited again this week.


For a less formal exploration of nature, check out Hiking Photography. Although the most recent post is a bunch of B&W of dudes playing basketball in funny costumes, his nature photography is really, really fantastic. Explore. (Bonus! Camera tips!)

And as long as I’m talking about photography, how about a little photorealism? Kelvin Okafor‘s artwork is really, shockingly photographic. What’s particularly great about his site is that he sometimes shows the work in progress so that you can see it in varying steps, as with this post, Mana.

Next, and this is a bit older but it’s worth it if you haven’t seen it, is a high definition video of a guy walking on a tightrope in front of a moon rise at Cathedral Peak.

Moonwalk Screengrab

And I’m going to finish off this week’s five with another Berlin site, although note that it’s really a travel site – I’m only sending you to the Berlin section of it. It’s Europe-heavy and a bit flash, but there are a lot of interesting things and it’s certainly very, very pretty – Unlike Berlin.


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