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Weekend Links, 25 May 2013

Another rainy week here in Berlin. We went out with friends last night to a neo-burlesque “circus” (mostly just burlesque acts with one performer toward the end of the first half doing a bit with aerial silks). C’mon – Berlin? Burlesque? High expectations: not met. When the über-loud rock duo of lead guitar and drummer came out at intermission, we allowed our weariness to take us home rather than sit through another act of not that great strip-tease.

The last time I saw neo-burlesque was at the Prague Fringe Festival in 2009 (my experience here) and I didn’t really understand it any more this time.

Anyway, what with the late hour (finally to bed around 2am) and the rainy day, we might as well be hung over. It is a grim, dull, overcast weekend here in Mitteleuropa. Which, when I say it like that, pretty much stands to reason.

Only three links this week because they’re all films.

First up, When the Day Breaks, which Film School Rejects inexplicably calls surrealist (maybe in design, but not in story, so okay, it’s possible that it’s explicable.) It’s a lovely, 10-minute film about normal lives on a day in the city. Paths cross, tragedy strikes.

The next is a short from Patrick Jean (you might remember his short Pixels from a few years ago). According to the story, the short “Motorville” was commissioned piece from a (unnamed) American television channel that decided not to air it. Under three minutes.

Motorville by Patrick Jean from Iconoclast on Vimeo.

Last is a very short short (1:15) from friend David Levy about a monster daddy and his baby peanut and their day together. Brilliant.


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