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Weekend Links, 8 June 2013

There’s been ongoing rain in Prague – apparently parts of the country received two months worth of rain in two days. It’s not as bad as the flooding in 2002, and because of that flooding the country is much better prepared this time around, but it’s still pretty awful. For those interested, click on the picture below to see the actual comparison image where you can slide left to right and see how much higher the water was 9 years ago.

On the topic of water and flooding, about 1200 years ago the Egyptian city of Heracleion sank into the Mediterranean. After four years of underwater surveying, the place was officially re-discovered in 2000.

There’s a short article at the link (click the picture!), plus lots of pictures and a couple of videos.

And because surveying and mapping and other ways of geo-tagging information is cool (Lisa is a recent convert to Geoguessr), here’s a story about maps generated entirely by Tweets. Figure each specific tweet is a geo-tagged dot. Enough dots create pictures, or, in this case, maps. has a number of other pictures at the link, plus here’s Twitter’s Flickr account, which has a great series on their Visualizations series.

On a separate and final note, connected only by water and abandonment, is the Floating Forest west of Sydney, Australia – a derelict ship taken over by mangrove trees. Click the picture for the story, click the photographer’s name to see more of his work.

Image by Steve Dorman

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