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Weekend Links, 20 July ’13

Okay, so it’s been a few more Saturdays than I expected to get another post up. We’re back in the States and Berlin Diary is on hiatus until we ever make it back there. There is scheming afoot, but nothing that will happen in the short term. In fact, we even trailed off writing off over there in our last week and a half. Too much to do, too little time.

I’ve got a job for the next couple of months, Lisa’s interviewing for work all over the country it seems, and within about two weeks we should hear if we’re going to be able to pitch our Berlin project to a consortium in Norway for funding. I haven’t written about that here and I don’t want to go into any more detail just yet other than to say we’re thrilled with the response we’ve gotten so far. Any more good news and we’ll be beyond thrilled, wherever “beyond thrilled” happens to be.

Also in good news, I’ve finished my current edit/re-draft of The Story of the Story of the Egg and that’s gone out to betas. I’ve started on the query letter and expect to start sending it to agents sometime in the autumn. Good responses from folks so far. The timing with my work is perfect.

It’s a good thing I’ve dropped the folktale to once a week though – as it is I’m barely keeping up.

But in links-world…

Peter Han says he’s not an artist but a designer. He works primarily in chalk and he has no compunction about erasing the work that he creates. There’s a short doc on him at Vimeo, Pardon My Dust. Reminded me in his apparent speed of Lisa’s short doc Giorgio, about an Italian street artist – the trailer is here.

Creepy and photography come together at Atlas Obscure, one of my favorite sites of the past couple of months, with their short piece on Snake Island. If you don’t like the look of snakes, although there’s only one picture of one, don’t click this link. It’s an island infested with golden lancehead vipers – about one snake for every square meter. Their venom boils skin away. Go here (or don’t).

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 5.08.04 PM

More maps! These are from illustrator Andrew DeGraff, who re-imagines movie plots as treasure maps. Guess the answers – check at the end.

This last link, which I’m posting partly for myself so that I don’t lose it, is a listsicle (not from Buzzfeed!) from My Science Academy on 27 science fictions that, by 2012, have become science facts. Nerd it up!


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