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Late Weekend Links, 4 August 2013

In other news, I can’t believe it’s already August. My new job ran 80+ hours this week and today is the first day off. Back tomorrow for another 15-16 hour day. This is all in service of explaining why I’m late again with any kind of post.


First up, some amazing and unconventional sandcastles by Calvin Seibert.

Unconventional sand castles

Not exactly mad King Ludwig style, but amazing all the same.

Next is a sampling from the 2013 competition for Astronomy Photographer of the Year. The selection is over at Talking Points Memo, which is 99% online news with very occasional sets of pictures. This is one of them.

by Stefano De Rosa

by Stefano De Rosa

And now, maps and more maps. Because I love maps.

This one inverts land for water, just because.

Land for Water map

Be sure not to miss the maps of penis and breast sizes in case you’re wondering where you fit in the world! – Click on the picture above to scroll from one map to the next, or click here to get all 40 on one page.

It’s short this week, but like I said, I’m pretty busy. I’ve not given up hope that I’ll have a fairy tale to post on Tuesday, but the window of opportunity is shrinking…


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