Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Weekend Links, 17-18 Aug

So much for staying on top of things. Still, it’s remarkable how chill a 12.5 hour day can feel when you wrap at a quarter to three, instead of everyone’s expected 5-6am. No dawn for us! Magnificent. A 68-hour work week is so much better even than a 73. Unreal how much so.

But my travails (and joys! Deep, deep joys!) are not the subject here. I’ve been “favoriting” tweets to use as markers so I can come back for links, but I’ve apparently forgotten how to access them, so everything here is pretty recent.

From the always-marvelous (haven’t been let down yet), Jessica Nagy over at This Is Indexed has some thoughts about education. Click through and see other observations or hit the link in the sidebar.

Every Conversation You've Ever Had

The next two are words – inspiration for me, perhaps, to get an installation or two of the fairy tale up for the coming weeks. The first is an entry from a waiter who apparently spent most of an evening dropping Doctor Who lines to his tables. He got fat tips and a telephone number, so there’s a good evening. His story is here.

In an actual story-telling mode, here’s a short piece by Catherynne Valente, The Shoot-Out at Burnt Corn Ranch Over the Bride of the World. I still haven’t read her Palimpsest or Deathless (though given our common use of Koschey, I really should), but I’ve hit a handful of her short stories online and then there’s the September in Fairyland series, which I can’t recommend enough. She’s got amazing style and range and her world-building is consistently beautiful. Anyway. Go read.

Lastly, maps! One map, a map using ethnic data from the 2010 census report. Shown from a distance, cities look integrated, for example. Get up close? Not so much.

Click the map to head on over to the actual site and see the methodology and more details.

Demographic Map

And that’s it. If I get some more oomph, it’s back to writing and editing. The Story of the Story of the Egg calls! And at least one fairy tale, I hope. Maybe more. I’m not working again until Monday, and beyond getting my hair cut, my only goal for the day is to re-set my internal clock to get to work first thing Monday morning, instead of early afternoon. Here’s hoping.

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