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Weekend Links, 31 Aug-1 Sept, 2013

File under the “writing is hard” cry. I had plenty of time all last weekend and I could have done some writing, but I didn’t. Time being one thing and energy being another and 70 hours of work last week being a third. Mostly I sweated and didn’t leave the apartment unless I had to, luxuriating in laziness. In other words, I’ve got no real excuse. Could’ve picked up the laptop. Didn’t.

It’s not that the job is so terribly hard as it is intense. The classic hurry-up-and-wait, though even waiting needs to be “on.” Can’t ever tune off and tune out. One ear needs to be tuned for someone yelling either my name or, more frequently, my title, “Set dresser!” By the time we get to the glorious, glorious weekend, I don’t really want to make my brain go, even though I want to be writing.

This is an equilibrium that needs to be found.

Links! From last weekend (see, I already had’em lined up and still didn’t do anything about it).

Art Made from BooksMaria Popova at BrainPickings showcases Art Made from Books, with lots and lots of pictures taken from that text. Re-purposing manuscripts as raw materials for art. So – destruction of the written word? How does this sit with you vis a vis book burning?

In film, this past weekend we backed a Kickstarter for a doc about the first female film director (so far as anyone knows), Alice Guy-Blaché. Here’s a link to the trailer at Vimeo.

Regarding writing and perception, actress Anna Gunn has a piece in the New York Times about playing Skyler in Breaking Bad. Apparently there are people who loathe her character so much they want to kill the actress. Um… thanks?

And lastly a link to my own stuff, sort of, Steph Sinkhorn did me the kindness of going over an early draft of my query letter for Egg, the link to which can be found here.

And that. Is. It.

And we’ll see what I can do in September.



3 responses

  1. graysea

    I tried simplifying my thought into one sentence. AWK.
    I was just thinking… Destroying books to destroy the information (vis a vis book burning in a dictatorship that wants control over the information) is different than a person destroying a book to create a new piece of art. The books used to make art are often times taken out of a pile on their way to the dumpster anyway, (the shocking truth: libraries destroy books! LOTS of them!) so taking the original information and transforming it is a different idea than simply destroying the book. In a way, it might even have a second life. End result is the same: the original information is still lost… but the ideology comes from the opposite direction?
    … I had a lot of ponderings about this during my downtime working at the library. I still don’t really know.

    October 6, 2013 at 12:16 pm

  2. graysea

    … I’ve never heard of someone creating art made out of books in some kind of theocratic propaganda mission to destroy information…. but that could happen, I guess?

    September 25, 2013 at 2:48 pm

    • the syntax here kind of lost me…

      September 26, 2013 at 1:37 am

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