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Weekend Links, 14-15 Sept, 2013

It’s another more-or-less random collection of links. Less curation going on these days, but at least I remembered to transfer over some of what I’d been saving on my phone, link-wise.

From the files of “Gosh, that’s not creepy at all,” artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg creates 3D faces based on DNA samples, samples that she picks up off of the streets of New York City. Gum, cigarette butts, hair… In fairness, she means this to be a provocative piece. She wants everyone around to be asking questions about what we know and what we can know about each other given our powers of computation.

See the CNN story here.

Next, from Collosal, are some lovely watercolors. Sunga Park does architectural studies and lets the watercolor do its thing to make the images seem to grow – or dissolve, depending on your perspective.

Watercolor architectural studies by Sunga Park

Next, nature is crazy and amazing. Behold, the glasswing butterfly.

Pretty sure I’ve never seen these before. Certainly never in walking-around-life. If I had, I’d probably never stop talking about it.

have seen Ukrania before – for all I know, I’ve even linked to it in the past. Yes, I should keep a spreadsheet of links to which I’ve linked. Too much work, not gonna do it. So! At the risk of redundancy, I give you Jerry Gretzinger’s map of Ukrania.

If there ever was such a thing as a labor of love, this is it. Gretzinger spends about 20 minutes on this thing every day and has done since 1963. Click on the picture above (detail) to read about it over at Wired Magazine. Also, check out the picture below – that’s Jerry top center. Yeah. It’s a big map.

Click this picture to go to a site with a zoomable map!

That’s it for this week. Back to the grind!


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