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Weekend Links, 28-29 Sept 2013

It’s the usual thing anymore, a collection of random links, but that’s the way it goes when time is at a premium. As you can see from the sporadic Tuesday updates, I’m barely able to keep up with 600 word fairy tales once a week, even while I’m trying to cajole myself into ongoing editing work on The Story of the Story of the Egg. So, yeah, random links. That’s the way it’s got to be.

First up! Truth, a steampunk coffee shop in Capetown, South Africa, should you ever find yourself in that part of the world, in need of caffeine, and with an urge for revisionist, science-fiction history.

Or just if you want to see this place, because come on. It looks amazing.

Next, the finalists from the contest for “Astronomy Photograph of the Year.” The aurora borealis, pictured below, did not win. Go check these out – there are only thirteen of them and they’re well worth perusing. Freaking gorgeous.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 9.51.20 PM

In a similarly optical-illusory vein, Benjamin Muzzin created the project “Full Turn” for a Bachelor’s degree. Would that I had this kind of vision at that age.

It’s not three dimensional at all – instead, it’s a spinning, HD screen with programmed images. The patterns that our eyes and brains process make it seem holographic, however. Which is pretty cool. Click the picture above to go to the school site, or go to This Is Colossal to check out the story and the site where I found this.

Along more visual lines, there are Andrea Dezsö’s “Tunnel Books,” which are three cut-outs layered together and given a slight degree of interactivity. With a couple of knobs, the viewer gets to decide what colors the lights are and which elements are given greatest prominence.

It’s a fairly simple idea, but the execution is incredible and the addition of the light is pretty brilliant.

Lastly – a quiz! It’s a color challenge, putting colors of close hue in order. I scored above average, but hardly anything to brag about – probably in the 70th percentile or something. Not quite on the high end of the bell curve by any means. Anyway – give it a try. See how much you can see.

Go here!

And that’s it until next week. Hopefully Tuesday…

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