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Weekend links, 6 Oct, 2013

Wasn’t it just last week I was bemoaning it was September already and now we’re already a week into October? And I’m late getting these links posted as well?

It hasn’t even been that rough of a week at work, not in terms of hustle or demand or hours (a mere 65ish! Cake!).

Enough of that – on to the interesting stuff.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 6.25.24 AM

Nick Brandt is a photographer and Lake Natron, pictured above, is the most alkaline lake in the world. Ever take a swig of Milk of Magnesia for heartburn? It’s an over-the-counter antacid. Well, with a pH of 10.5, that’s what Lake Natron can hit naturally, along with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s a lot of Milk of Magnesia. As inhospitable as it sounds (and is – apparently there are precisely two species that live in the lake – one is a fish and the other is a bacteria), lesser flamingos breed around the area, which is, go figure free from predators. But death is death and Nick Brandt comes along, poses the bodies, and takes his pictures. Will it surprise you to know that ancient Egyptians used natron (the chemical) in their mummification processes?

Okay, so that looks like a monstrous flamingo up there. How about a real (“real”) monster?

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 6.46.29 AM

Artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal buy up landscape paintings at thrift stores and then add monsters. It is so ridiculous I can’t even say how much I love it. Click the picture or here for the article.

Next – are you tired of stupid arguments on the internet? Do you need a guide to identify bad or faulty argumentation? Or are you simply sick of political discussions with extended family at the holidays? If so, then The Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments is for you!

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 7.09.29 AM

The online book (I’d buy a hard copy of this…) is by Ali Almossawi and goes through a variety of problems with logical reasoning. You’ll recognize all of them, I’m sure.

And that’s it for this week. I thought I had more, but nope.

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