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Saturday Links, May 4, 2013

East Side Gallery

This is the “East Side Gallery,” an open air gallery that is, in fact, a 1.3km section of the Berlin Wall on Mühlenstraße. That gap beyond the young women taking pictures? That was only removed a month ago March to make room for the construction of luxury apartments that will be right on the river Spree’s embankment.

With our walk this morning, along the Berliner Mauerweg (Berlin Wall Trail), and the tour of the old village of Rixdorf this past Saturday, I figured it was high time to feature a couple of links that are particular to Berlin and to our explorations here.

First up is Slow Travel Berlin, founded by Brit Paul Sullivan.

Think of “slow travel” as something like “slow food.” Take your time in the city, get to know it. Don’t treat it like a hamburger you gulp down in your truck as you’re driving from one job to another. (Or was that just my eating habits from freelance days?) There are a number of contributors at Slow Travel Berlin and Paul’s on Twitter, as well, making for all kinds of ways to see the city through their eyes.

Then there’s Finding Berlin, which is a similar kind of beast – but you know what? It’s a big city. There’s a lot of room. Lots of perspectives.

Graffiti from Finding Berlin

Of course, there are official sites as well, such as – wait for it – Berlin. This would seem to be the official site of the city, but with tags for historical elements, cultural events (the Indian festival of Holi on May 11) and big theater and dance performances, in addition to the more standard classical music and museums available. I came across the page while I was looking for a good map of the Berlin Wall – which is how we started on our walk on Tuesday, following the trail initially from the East Side Gallery back toward our neighborhood of Neukölln.

Strollology is a German-run blog documenting the history of the city in pictures and tours – Anna, one of the blog’s proprietors, gave our Rixdorf tour last weekend.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 4.06.02 PM

This is an image from one of Anna’s postcards – Die Neue Welt – formerly a giant garden-entertainment site from the 19th century, now housing clubs, casinos, and a Bauhaus (which translates from the Deutsch as “Home Depot”).

You can check out more information on Die Neue Welt at Kreuzberg’d, another locally run blog, though this one is about one particular neighborhood. The host, NotMsParker, updates very frequently, often with single photographs, other times with larger historical posts.

There’s more to Berlin, of course, and I’m sure we’ll continue to discover more sites, but these are the ones that are grabbing us now.


Berlin, Baby

We made it. We’re in Berlin, we’re getting through our jetlag, and we’re walking everywhere. Which is not to say that there’s not great public transportation here. There is. We’ve just been walking everywhere, that’s all.

Berlin Wall at Potsdamer Platz


I won’t be writing very much about Berlin here, I don’t think – I’ll be posting about it mostly with Lisa over at Riveting Pictures – specifically, at the Berlin Diary today’s post is “Kerfufflage“). It’s going to be a twice-weekly thing goes the thinking. I’m on Thursdays, Lisa’s on Mondays. We’ll see how well we do.