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I really don’t think Shakespeare was striving to be an ARTIST very often. I’m not knocking the guy’s chops – he told a great story, he provided a wealth of fantastic parts within each play*, and he had a hell of an ear for a good turn of phrase. Mostly, though, I think Our William was trying to stay at the top of the heap and do his job and get paid and stay out of (excessive) trouble. Your company doesn’t become “The King’s Men” when you’re sitting around jawing about the line of succession and how it relates to James, after all. No, you write a play – one of your bloodier and scarier plays – in which a predecessor of the Stuarts legally and rightfully ascends the throne, which, back in the “present” day, heretofore has been held by Tudors. MacBeth, the play that still strikes fear into superstitious hearts across the Anglo-Saxon, English-speaking acting world, whose subtext might be deciphered, “Yo, James, it’s all good, bro.” (more…)


I’m Doing Exactly What I Shouldn’t Be Doing

According to George R.R. Martin and agents across the U.S. (I assume that, in this case, Pub Rants speaks eloquently for them), I am not writing what I should be writing. Here. (more…)