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On Creative Destruction

Free market enthusiasts like to tout the idea of “creative destruction,” the broad means by which, it is theorized, companies and ideas that are old or weak will fall to the wayside and new and better ideas will take their place.* In practice this idea falls down all the time, but at the moment I’m more interested in its positive phoenix-like connotations: from the ashes will arise something new. Something better.



On Useful Idiocy

As you may have noticed been unable to avoid noticing if you follow my Twitter feed, I’ve been on a bit lately about Occupy Writers, the online expression of support for the Occupy Wall Street movement that is now shaping up to Occupy Many Places. It began as a fairly modest endeavor about this time last week, the brainchild of Jeff Sharlet and Kiera Feldman – Jeff put out a call for volunteers over the weekend as he had some family world to attend to, and I was one of a couple of people who said sure, love to help. And it’s become a Bit of a Thing since then.

I’ve focused on writing and grief on this blog much more than I have performance or politics. For today at least, that’s changing up a bit.

And now, I indulge in a bit of snark in which – I have to admit – I’m totally boxing out of my class. (more…)