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On Outlining (4 of 4)

Part 1      Part 2     Part 3

Theory and Practice

I don’t outline the whole book at once – or at least, I didn’t outline A Box of Ink all at once. I shouldn’t talk like I’ve written a library.

Here is what I did do: (more…)


On Outlining (3 of 4)

Pacing and Chapters

Part 1

Part 2

Time for more math. Or, as our British friends insist, “maths.” (more…)

Outlining – Using Plot Points (2 of 4)

To sum up: you’ve broken your manuscript up into four manageable acts, having come up with good beginnings and good endings for each act. More to the point, this is how I’ve done it with A Box of Ink. You can do whatever you want, of course. But it’s NaNoWriMo, and I can cruise through a 2000 word count in a couple of hours no problem with this system.

It’s probably too late in the month for you to apply this method, but whatever.


On Outlining (Part 1 of 4)

I’ve finished the first act of A Box of Ink in its preliminary draft and am now moving on to the second. Given my September-or-so’s series on structure, I thought it would be worth describing how I’m outlining, mainly because I feel like I’ve learned how to do it all over again.

Back in the good old days of elementary school, I learned that outline looked like this:

  • I. Main topic #1
    1. Supporting idea #1
  •                                                i.     Proof or example
  •                                               ii.     Proof or example
  •                                             iii.     And so on
  •         2. Supporting idea #2
  •         3. And so on
  • II. Main topic #2
  •         1. And so on

This is what my outlines look like now. (more…)