Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Entry by Entry

Volume I, Likely Fictions, can be found here.

Volume II:

Chapter 1 – A Limited Supply of Air

Chapter 2 – On the Nature and Helpfulness of Cats

Chapter 3 – The Curse of Count Arnau

Chapter 4 – Ill-Conceived Introductions

Chapter 5 – Crackling Criticism

Chapter 6 – The Burden of One Guest

Chapter 7 – The Return of Prince Ivan and the Soldier

Chapter 8 – Brief Possible Histories of Bulat the Brave

Chapter 9 – Injustice, Hard Work, and Good Luck

Chapter 10 – Vasilisa Kirbitievna, Rescued from Her Father

Chapter 11 – Vasilisa Kirbitievna, Found with Koschey

Chapter 12 – Curses

Chapter 13 – The Life and Home of Conomor and His Bride-to-Be

Chapter 14 – The Past of Conomor and the Future of Belle

Chapter 15 –

Chapter 16 –

  • Part 237 – The Instructions

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