Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.

Volume I, Likely Fictions

Chapter 1 – In Which an Old Traveler Finds a Novel Way to Pay for Lodging

Chapter 2 – I’ll See You a Spirit and Raise You a Quest

Chapter 3 – Intervals of Stories

Chapter 4 – Koschey the Deathless

Chapter 5 – The Promise of a Great Gray Wolf

Chapter 6 – One Journey Home

Chapter 7 – The Crew

Chapter 8 – First Homecoming

Chapter 9 – The Test of Chalm

Chapter 10 – Treachery, Expected and Otherwise

Chapter 11 – The Unexpected Benefits of Occasional Kindness

Chapter 12 – How to Enrage a Sorcerer

Chapter 13 – A Frayed Knot of Storytelling


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