Self-aware. Self conscious. Self induced.


In the Key of Beowulf (1997)

A postmodern, poetic duel between the epics of Beowulf, Grendel, and Hrothgar. Whom will you trust when everyone is right and no one is good? Puppetry and spectacle counterpoint the recursive, combative text.

Cast: 9 (three narrators, three puppeteers, three dancers; gender doesn’t matter)

Running time: Approximately 65 minutes, no intermission

Premiere: Bloomington, IN, John Waldron Arts Center, 1997

Simplicity Itself (2001)

Five people struggle against the forces of history, politics, and religion in the waning years of Emperor Rudolph II. Court Mathematician Johannes Kepler wants to save his wife and doesn’t understand the concerns of his fellow researcher, Rabbi Jehuda Löw, until Löw’s daughter is struck with the same disease that is killing Frau Kepler. Löw’s golem solves the problem of protecting his countrymen in the ghetto, but its actions raise the ire of Bishop Melchior Klesl, who takes an active hand in the governing of the state. Löw’s daughter Rachel is lost to fever dreams, and is the only one who can see the consequences of what the golem really means.

Cast: 5 (4/1 or 3/2 men/women)

Running time: Approximately 1:40 with intermission

Premiere: Bloomington, IN, the Bloomington Playwrights Project

The Hunting of the Snark (2002)

An adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s epic nonsense poem performed as an ill-fated game.

Cast: 4 (gender doesn’t matter)

Running time: Approximately 75 minutes

Premiere: Milwaukee, WI, Theatre X, 2002

Who I Was Yesterday (2007)

An urban fairy tale in which Twins, saved by their Grandparents from their monstrous mother, are guided to the safety of the Urban Spirits – Advance, Inform, and Consume – by the narrator, Marionette. They receive magical tokens from the spirits, advance from the mysterious Bed Bugs, unwanted advice from their Grandparents, all while fleeing Mother Manticore. Not everyone is going to make it.

Cast: 8 (minimum 8; at least 3 men and 2 women in that number)

Running time: Approximately 85 minutes

Premiered: Milwaukee, WI, Bad Soviet Habits, 2007

Decaffeinated Tragedy (2009)

Memory play about artist and friend Jennifer Bonner, who died 8 days before her 22nd birthday. Served with coffee and cheesecake.

Cast: 1

Running time: One hour

Premiere: Prague Fringe Festival, Bad Soviet Habits, 2009

The Heart of a Dog (with Andy North) (2010)

A free interpretation and adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov’s seminal novel of the same name. Contemporary American history and characters supplant Bulgakov’s Soviet satire. We kept the continuity of spirit and the poor dog Sharik, but not a whole lot else.

Cast: 2 (both actors perform all parts interchangeably)

Running time: One hour

Premiere: Prague Fringe Festival, Bad Soviet Habits, 2010

Light and Noise (2011)

Five people lost in the dark discover the connection between sound and vision and the limits of the stage.

Cast: 5 (gender doesn’t matter)

Running time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Requirements: An experienced lighting designer to run the show, minute control of the lighting inventory, and all of the lights in the world.

An Anthology of Heroes (WIP)

Narrated by the Evil Monarch, this urban fairy tale follows Thomas, re-named John by the Ravens (all fairy tale heroes are named John or Jack), on his way to wreak vengeance on the Monarch for killing his mother. Oddly enough, the Monarch is looking forward to it.

(Draft only; overhaul required)


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